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Jul. 30th, 2006 | 07:36 pm
posted by: satsui_no_hadou in south_town

Off in the distance upon the crest of a hill, a small figure becomes gradually visible. Wearing a tattered gi with a rope for a belt and wooden sandals, one might think that he was just some homeless bum.. if they didn't see his powerful, carefully crafted physique and those burning red eyes.

He grew closer with a steady, tireless pace; from the dust on him, he'd probably been doing this for awhile. He gradually reached the beginnings of the preserved wildlands, never having deviated his path to follow the roads; unpaved surfaces were his preferences, anyway. Striking out under the trees and ever deeper into the wilderness, he found a glade to his liking and began to set up a temporary dwelling.

Thinking to himself about the upcoming tournament... he looked forward to the possibilities.

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